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Daniel Sjölie


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Articles published by Daniel Sjölie:

Towards Urban Digital Twins: A Workflow for Procedural Visualization Using Geospatial Data
S Somanath, V Naserentin, O Eleftheriou, D Sjölie, BS Wästberg, A Logg 2024
Published in Remote Sensing 16 (11), 1939, 2024
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Integration of Research on Immersive Learning Environments and Education in Welding
D Sjölie, Z Dami Mortensen, C Larsson, T Raza, P Li, ... 2024
Published in Sustainable Production through Advanced Manufacturing, Intelligent …, 2024
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Visualizing Invisible Environmental Data in VR: Development and Implementation of Design Concepts for Communicating Urban Air Quality in a Virtual City Model
C Larsson, BS Wästberg, D Sjölie, T Eriksson, H Pleijel 2023
Published in International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures, 253-267, 2023
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On procedural urban digital twin generation and visualization of large scale data
S Somanath, V Naserentin, O Eleftheriou, D Sjölie, BS Wästberg, A Logg 2023
Published in arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.02242, 2023
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Practical use of off-the-shelf virtual reality for distance education-a look at the feasibility of non-expert use
D Sjölie, T Eriksson, M Samuelsson-Gamboa, J Wideström 2020
Published in EDULEARN20 Proceedings, 4277-4285, 2020
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Mind tricks for presence
D Sjölie, S Badylak 2019
Published in Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on the Foundations of …, 2019
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Practical Mixing of Virtual and Real
D Sjölie 2019
Published in VILÄR 5-6 december 2019, University West, Trollhättan, 19-20, 2019
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Presence and user experience in a virtual environment under the influence of ethanol: an explorative study
M Lorenz, J Brade, L Diamond, D Sjölie, M Busch, M Tscheligi, P Klimant, ... 2018
Published in Scientific reports 8 (1), 6407, 2018
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Foreword to the Special Section on the 23rd ACM symposium on virtual reality software and technology 2017
O Staadt, J Unger, M Fjeld, M Fratarcangeli, D Sjolie 2018
Published in Computers & graphics 77, A3-A4, 2018
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Visualizing environmental data for pedestrian comfort analysis in urban planning processes
B Stahre Wästberg, M Billger, J Forssén, M Holmes, P Jonsson, D Sjölie, ... 2017
Published in Proceedings of the CUPUM, 2017
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Proceedings, VRST 2017: 23rd ACM Conference on Virtual Reality Software and Technology: Gothenburg, Sweden November 08-10, 2017
M Fjeld, M Fratarcangeli, D Sjölie 2017
Published in ACM, 2017
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Neural Correlates of Disrupted Presence: Strange Disruptions in a Naturalistic Virtual Environment.
D Sjölie, G Kalpouzos, JG Eriksson 2014
Published in ICAT-EGVE, 21-28, 2014
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Towards a massively parallel solver for position based dynamics
M Fratarcangeli, F Pellacini 2014

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Proceedings of SIGRAD 2014, Visual Computing, June 12-13, 2014, Göteborg, Sweden
M Obaid, D Sjölie, E Sintorn, M Fjeld 2014

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Realistic and adaptive cognitive training using virtual characters
D Sjölie 2014
Published in Proceedings of ICDVRAT, 385-388, 2014
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Measuring presence in the simulating brain
D Sjölie 2014
Published in Interacting with presence, 46-56, 2014
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Mirror Stereoscopic Display for Direct Volume Rendering
FM Maria Marreiros, Ö Smedby 2014
Published in Swedish Computer Graphics Association (SIGRAD), Göteborg, Sweden June 12-13 …, 2014
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Remembering our origin: gender differences in spatial memory are reflected in gender differences in hippocampal lateralization
J Persson, A Herlitz, J Engman, A Morell, D Sjölie, J Wikström, ... 2013
Published in Behavioural brain research 256, 219-228, 2013
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Message from the Editors: SIGRAD 2014 Special Issue of the Journal of Graphics Tools
M Obaid, E Sintorn, D Sjölie, M Fjeld 2013
Published in Journal of Graphics Tools 17 (3), 55-58, 2013
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Adaptive games for cognitive training: Lessons measuring arousal with EEG
D Sjölie 2013
Published in CHI 2013 Workshop on Games User Research, 2013
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