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Nudging AI+AR glasses

Project description

This meta project defines a long-term basic research agenda investigating the development of wearable AI+AR-based solutions that subtly influence individual human perception of the surrounding (mixed-reality) environment (see figure to the right, adapted from Jalaliniya & Pederson, 2015). The envisioned general functionality of this class of persuasive technologies would be the ability to induce short-term and long-term human behaviour change that could benefit a) the individual directly affected by and carrying the system, and/or b) the activity the individual is involved in, and/or c) society as a whole. Application areas include:
  • work-integrated learning
  • healthcare/wellness
  • environment/climate change
The agenda involves overcoming a number of multi-disciplinary research challenges within for instance software engineering (see figure 2 below), XR, AI, perception psychology, ethics, and philosophy. Student projects connected to this agenda are announced and run on a regular basis.

Figure 2. A basic system architecture for nudging AI+AR glasses.


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