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OL08 Creation and Deployment of Guiding Agents in Teaching Welding in VR


The WELD-VR research project aims to develop teaching for welding and metallurgy in VR, to be used in the related teaching at University West. A single player VR application has been developed in Unreal Engine, and will be continually refined throughout 2022 until summer 2023.

Aim/goal/research question

Prototype and investigate how the addition of animated or pre-recorded virtual agents can be used to improve guidance of students. This includes investigations of how teachers (as creators of teaching material) can create and set up such agents either by recording their actions or otherwise configuring their behavior, as well as how this is best integrated into the current VR application.


Prototype development, primarily based on an existing application in Unreal Engine.

Recommended past experience/interest

Unreal Engine, VR, game programming, multiplayer development.

Related Work


This is part of the WELD-VR research project performed in collaboration between the departments “Economy and IT” and “Engineering Scíence”.

Resource limitations

The software development will partially be done using VR equipment shared with other student projects in Open Lab at University West. This means that access to equipment may be limited and need to be coordinated with the other involved students. Also, this means that the possibility of extending the time for doing the thesis work is constrained and the access to the device after June 10th cannot be guaranteed.