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OL11 Re-design of inspection apps and usability for maintenance work


In automated production processes, unplanned stops occur caused by tool failures, material defects, unmanaged program situations, or human handling. The restart process in case of unplanned stops does not have a universal solution and it consists of several phases that are complex. It is about both daily and preventive maintenance that must be handled by both operators and maintenance personnel with different functions and skills.

To support daily and preventive maintenance, Sansera uses the MaintMaster system and the newly installed Inspector function. However, the current interface design of the inspection apps related to the operator work routes for inspections and reporting of errors needs to be re-designed.

Aim/goal/research question

In collaboration with production technicians and operators at Sansera, the aim is to re-design apps within the MaintMaster system for sustainable and trustful inspection of failures caused by machine-, systems and human errors in daily operations of production work.


  • Improved usability of Inspection apps
  • Design of a new API
  • Modern UI app design
Design of apps for increased usability and layouts of inspections and routines. Layout design connected to the creation of a container (database) in order to verify precise production orders.

Recommended past experience/interest

UX design, API programming, human-computer interaction, and design

Related Work

  • O’Donovan, P., Leahy, K., Bruton, K., & O’Sullivan, D. T. (2015). An industrial big data pipeline for data-driven analytics maintenance applications in large-scale smart manufacturing facilities. Journal of Big Data, 2(1), 1-26.
  • Hashemian, H. M. (2010). State-of-the-art predictive maintenance techniques. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and measurement, 60(1), 226-236.
 Additional articles on UX design

Other comments

The project is a continuation of a thesis project performed last year of Industrial economics students (Christian Badr, now working at Sansera). This master thesis idea is considered as part of the Restart II project, as a collaboration between HV and Sansera AB in Trollhättan. The thesis will be conducted at Sansera concerning documentation and decision support through web-based maintenance connected to the MaintMaster system and Inspection.


HV: Monika Hattinger, Sansera:  (Production technician) or (CEO at Sansera)