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OL13 IR Image based temperature monitoring in realtime


Starting from a better estimation of the temperature of an animal, IR images have been shown to be good to recognise some diseases in living beings. But it will involve a lot of image-processing to start with. For example, look at the attached image. Even if the goal is just to find the temperature, given that kind of image, one will need to automatically separate the animals, find the areas around the parts of interest, find the median pixel amplitude and estimate the temperature. 

Aim/goal/research question

A software suite that can analyse IR images to identify individual humans/animals in it and, then, find temperatures of the individuals.  (Optional) The student can work on an Android tool to do the above in real time.


In this project, the student will work on images of animals/humans taken by an inexpensive IR camera (Seek Thermal) to identify individual animals and find their temperatures.

Recommended past experience/interest

Coding skills, DSP Skills

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