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OL15 Eye in the Sky: Processing chain to extract SAR and Multi-spectral data from Copernicus hub


ESA releases the data from most of its satellites using the Copernicus Hub. Environment monitoring is an emerging use of remote-sensed data. Two of the most popular sources of data are satellites Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2. 

Aim/goal/research question

In this project, the goal is to use remote-sensed data to monitor the forests and lakes of Sweden. The student would develop a software (based on cloud or local machine) where given a set of dates and coordinates, the SAR and multi-spectral data can be downloaded.  In addition to this, the student should analyse historical data to monitor the change of forest and/or lakes in Sweden in a particular region. The student would be expected to try various change monitoring methods.  Bonus: Do some basic image processing on them (e.g. 2003.13502.pdf (


The challenge is to have an open source software (not necessarily cool-UI) to download the data from each of these sources, register them and do basic image processing on them.

Recommended past experience/interest

Computer science, programming, image understanding, signal processing

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