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OL19 Ice-charting using AI


Sea ice concentration is an important metric used to characterize polar sea ice behavior.
Understanding this behavior and accurately representing it is of critical importance for climate science research, and also has important uses in the context of maritime navigation.

Aim/goal/research question

End to end ice-charting software to create ice-concentration map using radar images and AI.


In this project, the students will be needed to build an end-to-end data processing flow where they use the radar image data from Sentinel-1 (an ESA satellite) and process it using AI algorithms to create ice-charts. Initially, they will aim to repeat the data and ice-charts released by Norwegian Met: Depending on the progress the aim is to try creating ice-charts for the Southern Ocean. In this we shall have the support from Weather Services from South Africa and Argentina.

Recommended past experience/interest

AI, remote-sensing

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