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OL20 Trollhättan XR Citizen Orientation


Navigating and getting familiar with public buildings can be challenging and can prevent citizens from engaging in the democratic governing of the city or making use of services provided. Initially identified areas to investigate include navigating the corridors of the Trollhättan City Hall and/or introducing the city library and how public book lending works. This may be related to Civic Orientation for people newly arrived in Sweden but may also target the citizens in general.

Aim/goal/research question

Prototype and investigate how the use of VR and/or AR can be used to orient and introduce citizens to public buildings and services in Trollhättan. This may include exploring use cases and designing user interactions and work replicating real environments using for example photogrammetry. Questions to explore include what potential users need, want and/or can make use of, and/or what technical solutions are feasible or suitable in specific contexts.


  • Investigating needs and use cases.
  • Prototype development, primarily based on an existing application in Unreal Engine.

Recommended past experience/interest

Unreal Engine, VR, AR, game programming.

Related Work


Trollhättan City.

Resource limitations

The software development will partially be done using VR equipment shared with other student projects in Open Lab at University West. This means that access to equipment may be limited and need to be coordinated with the other involved students. Also, this means that the possibility of extending the time for doing the thesis work is constrained and the access to the device after June 10th cannot be guaranteed.